Sponsorship and Contribution Terms and Conditions

Contact us at sponsor@co2rail for questions related to donations and sponsorships.

Carbon Removal

CO2Rail is still in the pre-prototype stage and proceeds will be used to help transform the CO2Rail vision into a commercial reality for future carbon removal deployments. No amount of carbon dioxide will be immediately removed from the environment but your generous donations and sponsorships can be leveraged to allow us to continue to grow in order to do just that in the near future.

Guarantees of Commercial Deployment

Unfortunately, we cannot offer any guarantees that the CO2Rail system will be commercially deployed, only that we are committed, passionate, and know a thing or two about what we are doing. This is a gigantic project that will require the best efforts of numerous people, companies, organizations, and governments to succeed at scale. With your help, however, we are one step closer.

Please consider any sponsorship of a Co2Railcar a DONATION to the cause of mitigating Climate Change.  We are a committed, passionate team and we believe that our technology is game-changing, that is highly likely that CO2Rail cars will be produced at a mass scale, and your generous assistance will have helped bring this project to fruition.  However, we cannot offer any guarantees or refunds. At the very least, our considerable efforts will propel climate change mitigation technology forward.

Tonnage Equivalence

Any language referring to carbon dioxide tonnage is representative of the equivalent amount of carbon dioxide your monetary donation or sponsorship would otherwise be equivalent in sequestrated value. CO2 quantity equivalence is for informational purposes only. Values are generally representative of the market value of sequestered carbon dioxide as indicated by the EUA Futures market but may be rounded and subject to inaccuracies. Link


Unless expressly indicated, no certificate is included with contributions or donations. Please note that any currently issued donor, sponsorship, appreciation, or other such certificates are not carbon off-set or carbon credit certificates and should not be viewed or represented as such. They are certificates of appreciation for your donation to our climate change mitigation effort.

Location-Based Averages

Any listed average per capita location-based CO2 emissions were obtained for 2019 from https://www.climatewatchdata.org/.  Values are subject to change and may be inaccurate or rounded. You may donate any amount that you wish within the selections allowable and any listed average per capita continental CO2 emissions are for informational purposes only.


Due to the nature of the transaction, donations & sponsorships are not refundable.

Currency Conversion

For purposes of convenience, prices shown may be automatically converted from USD to your local currency by our payment processor.


No goods or services will be provided in exchange for your contribution. Certificate not valid for trade. Void if transferred or where prohibited.

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Contact us at sponsor@co2rail for questions related to donations and sponsorships.

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