Frequently Asked Questions – CO₂

How much Carbon Dioxide have humans emitted into the environment?

Since the beginning of the industrial age, we have emitted approximately 2,400 Gigatons of Carbon Dioxide into our environment through the burning of fossil fuels in power generation, transportation, manufacturing, etc. Indirect anthropogenic Carbon Dioxide emissions have also come from the destruction of natural carbon sinks such as rainforests and artic tundra. Approximately 950 Gigatons of this went into the atmosphere where it remains with the rest being absorbed by oceans and land.
What is the overall cost of Climate Change to humanity?

Right now the cost of not acting to mitigate Climate Change is approximately 16 Trillion USD.
If I wanted to do more research on Climate Change where should I go?

“The World Counts” has an excellent and very informative site at…

If you are looking for even more data, you can try…
Where can I learn more about CO₂?

“The Story of CO2: Big Ideas for a Small Molecule” is a great resource for anyone interested in Climate Change and, specifically, all things CO₂. It is a very interesting read.
Link Below…

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