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A Note About Projections
Our projections CAN and DO change on an intermittent basis reflecting the current data picture as we have interpreted it. These changes may reflect increases or decreases in important metrics but are generally representative of a healthy tightening of the margin of error.
How accurate are your projections?
Well, we have put considerable time into ensuring our projections are as accurate as possible.  Are they iron-clad guarantees?  No.  There are too many variables for even the most advanced supercomputers to model with complete accuracy.

Some of our projections extend beyond the year 2150.  Did we mention that this is a big, long-term existential problem?  There are no quick and easy answers but, yes, our projections are as accurate as possible with current data.
How much CO₂ can each Co2Rail Car capture each day?
Each unit will capture and store approximately 10-20 Tons of CO₂ per day depending on deployment parameters
At the higher end, a group of 10 Co2RailCars will capture the equivalent CO₂ emissions of approximately 15,000 automobiles.

Will we reach these projections immediately after the first units are deployed? Almost certainly not. There will be a learning curve in ideal collection chamber configuration, power utilization, sorbent media type, route data analysis, etc. However, we are determined and feel confident that these numbers are attainable in the near future.
What is the projected amount of CO₂ that Co2Rail will capture per year by 2030?  2050?  2075?

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What is the cumulative amount of CO₂ that Co2Rail is projected to have captured by 2030?  2050?  2075? 2100?
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If Co2Rail is projected to have captured 350+ Gigatons by 2100, does that mean that the problem of Anthropogenic CARBON DIOXIDE AND CLIMATE CHANGE WILL BE SOLVED BY THEN?
No. If the world completely stopped emitting Carbon Dioxide this year, we would have approximately 950 Gigatons of anthropogenic emissions to deal with.  Obviously, emissions of CO₂ at dangerously high levels will continue until the majority of the world transitions to sustainable energy, transportation, and manufacturing. This will take some time even if we all come together and make it our highest priority.

For instance, we will emit approximately 32 Gigatons of Carbon Dioxide in 2021 with perhaps 13 Gigatons of this which will remain in the atmosphere long-term.  We have much work to do and are currently going in the wrong direction.  So No, Co2Rail is not THE solution but it will be a big part of MANY solutions.
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