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CO2Rail Purpose

On Track to Climate Change-BACK…

CO2Rail Company is a US-based start-up founded in 2020 that has developed rail-based, self-powered direct air capture (“DAC”) technology which removes excess carbon dioxide from the ambient air using the global rail network, purpose-built rail equipment, and sustainable, train-generated regenerative braking energy with no external energy inputs required.

CO2Rail technology is capable of significant per-unit CO2 harvest productivity along with the immense scaling potential that the global rail network provides. If laid end-to-end, a rail network would reach to the moon and back twice over and contains a global population of nearly 7 million railcars and locomotives. Enough, if coupled end-to-end, to circle the globe four times at the equator.

At scale, CO2Rail will bring substantial capabilities to the climate fight and, over time, meaningful reductions in atmospheric CO2 concentrations thereby mitigating the worst effects of climate change.

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Hello, just a few questions please. when do you expect to start manufacturing the DAC railcar? How much funding have you had and from whom? Have you applied for carbon offset credits, and if so, where is the project listed/ registered?

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