Disruptive Advantages

CO2Rail – Unique Advantages

Co2Rail brings unique and exciting solutions to a number of the challenges and limitations of traditional Direct Air Capture deployments in addition to other emergent benefits.

This technology has no need for external power as it utilizes the tremendous Regenerative Braking Energy that is created from stopping an entire Train.  This regenerative braking system is already in place on nearly 100% of Locomotives and has been for decades.  Up until now, however, this massive amount of energy has been wasted by converting it to resistance heat and discharging it as super-heated air from the top of the Locomotives.  CO2Rail uses it to capture anthropogenic CO₂ from the ambient atmospheric air for permanent geological sequestration.

One of the largest consumers of power in traditional CO₂ DAC deployments are the fans required to move massive quantities of air over the CO₂ adsorbent media.  Co2Rail technology has no need for fans while in motion as the ambient air intakes extend up into the slipstream of the moving Train.  This provides many multiples of air volume passing through the collection chamber with no energy input required.

Co2Rail – Energy Advantages

In most deployments, Co2Rail utilizes only Regenerative Dynamic Braking Energy and Railcar-Mounted Photovoltaic Cells to power its operation and carbon removal processes in a carbon-free way. These sources supply approximately 20,000 KWh per day on average and even up to 35,000 KWh or more per day in certain deployments.  This carbon-neutral energy is then utilized for CO₂ removal processes or other operations.

Since Co2Rail requires no fans to be operated during movement, it is 15% – 25% more efficient overall than traditional DAC deployments from this advantage alone. Co2Rail utilizes many high-efficiency and/or hybrid-type component systems making it extraordinarily efficient in its use of this carbon-free energy to power its operation and carbon removal processes allowing it to be that much more productive. Co2Rail is immune from potential negative downstream power diversion carbon consequences in mixed-source power grids. Co2Rail is immune from even indirect opportunity cost carbon consequences in deployment.

Co2Rail – Cost Advantages

Since approximately 50% – 75% of the operational cost in most traditional DAC deployments is the significant energy inputs required for operation, it can be seen that the Co2Rail System will have significantly reduced costs per ton of CO₂.

Co2Rail is a mobile system with no land-based Footprint.

Since Railroads operate the Co2Rail Equipment on a day-to-day basis, transportation costs to the final sequestration site are eliminated or greatly diminished.

As with other Rail Transportation Equipment, Asset Life-Cycles are exceedingly high.

Co2Rail – Rail Transportation Advantages

Co2Rail with a deployed “Locomotive Emissions Mitigation Railcar” can capture nearly all of the carbon emissions from the Locomotive – a first in large-scale transportation. Co2Rail is deployed only with already running Freight or Passenger Trains in regular service, so there is almost no additional carbon debt incurred from operation even if emissions went uncaptured.

Carbon Neutral Rail Transportation

Trains are 3x – 5x more fuel-efficient per ton transported than semi-trucks.  Moreover, any additional freight traffic diverted to Rail reduces those previous Truck related carbon emissions by nearly 100% with this technology.

Co2Rail takes the already most efficient form of scale transportation and makes it nearly carbon-neutral in its operation to remove CO₂ from the air – creating the world’s first large-scale carbon-negative mode of transportationCarbon-neutral in its carbon-negative operations – at scale.

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