“On-Track to Climate Change-Back”

The Co2Rail System deploys proven technology for the Direct Air Capture of man-made Carbon Dioxide gas from the environment. The system powers itself utilizing renewable, onboard Hybrid, Regenerative Braking Energy from already running Trains and Railcar mounted solar cells.

✔ Clean Hybrid, Regenerative Braking Energy generated from stopping or slowing an entire Train many times per day powers the Carbon Capture process.

✔ Solar Cells mounted atop some of the Train’s compatible Railcars will add additional clean energy to use in Carbon Capture (Future).

✔ No Land-Based Footprint.

✔ Compared to land-based DACCS operations at the 10 GT scale, this saves an area of land approximately 3X the size of the US State of Massachusetts.

✔ No energy-intensive Fans required to move air through the collection chamber.

✔ CO2Rail intakes extend up into the slipstream of the moving Train and collect massive amounts of air from which CO₂ is removed.

✔ Certain Co2Rail cars can even remove the emissions from the Locomotives themselves.

✔ Co2Rail is deployed only with already running Freight or Passenger Trains in regular service, so there is almost no additional carbon debt incurred from operation even if emissions went uncaptured.

✔ Co2Railcars harvest many magnitudes more CO₂ than is indirectly emitted by the Locomotives in fuel from their operation in additional Train Loading, Aerodynamic Drag and Rolling Resistance.

✔ Certain specially designed Co2Railcars can supply carbon-free EV motive-power to the Train, when needed, from its battery array and optional onboard motors.  This can reduce the number of Locomotives needed to transport a particular Train in certain deployments.

✔ Rail is the most efficient form of scale Transportation and is 3x – 5x more fuel efficient per ton transported than trucks. Higher rail utilization is good for the environment.

✔ Co2Rail takes the already most efficient form of scale transportation and makes it nearly carbon-neutral in its operation to remove CO₂ from the air. Creating the world’s first large-scale carbon-negative mode of transportation.  Carbon-Neutral in its Carbon-Negative operations – at scale.

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