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On Track to Climate Change-BACK…

CO2Rail Company is a US-based start-up founded in 2020 that has developed rail-based, self-powered direct air capture (“DAC”) technology which removes excess carbon dioxide from the ambient air using the global rail network, purpose-built rail equipment, and sustainable, train-generated regenerative braking energy with no external energy inputs required.

Pictured – CO2Rail Car with zero-carbon, regenerative braking powered Direct Air Carbon Capture and air intakes that extend up into the slipstream of the moving train. Certain configurations with multiple intakes can remove over 15 Tonnes of CO2 per day for geological sequestration and have no fixed, land footprint. Each complete braking maneuver produces enough energy from regenerative braking to remove over 1.5 Tonnes of CO2.

Energy Advantages

Regenerative Braking Self-Powered
Included Only with Existing Trains in Regular Service
Sustainable Energy Source
No External Energy Requirement
No Off-Duty Charging Cycles Required
On-Board 2,400 kWh Battery Array

Land & Water Advantages

No Fixed, Land-Based Footprint
No Land Acquisition Costs
No Land Preparation or Land Maintenance Costs
No Land-Use Permitting Required
No Land/Environmental Surveys Required
Few Community Acceptance Issues

Efficiency Advantages

No Air Moving Equipment Required
~50 kWh/hour Additional Train Drag [F]
Excess Battery Array Energy Supplied Back to Locomotive(s) for Propulsion
Most Efficient Sorbent System Available

Scaling Advantages

Required Infrastructure is Already in Place
Utilizes the Tremendous Scope and Scale of the Global Rail Network
Rail Equipment Manufacturing Sector is Mature and Massive
Tremendous Growth in Rail Utilization in Both Freight and Passenger Sectors

Climate Justice Advantages

No Fixed, Land-Based Footprint
No Massive Building Projects on Important Lands
Transient and Generally Unseen by the Community
No Enormous Allocation of Regional Energy Supplies
Built-In Macro-Scale Climate Justice Controls1
1 Nations that have contributed little to CO2 emissions likewise generally have little in rail infrastructure and, therefore, would not bear an undue burden.

Emissions Advantages

Remove CO2 Emissions from Diesel Trains [LEM]
Carbon-Neutral Regular Diesel Rail Transportation
Carbon-Neutral in Carbon-Negative DAC Operations
Rail 3 – 5x More Emissions Efficient than Truck
Could Initiate Positive Feedback Loop in Rail Utilization

Rail-Based, Self-Powered Direct Air Carbon Capture

Co2Rail Logo

The CO2Rail System deploys proven technology for the Direct Air Capture of man-made Carbon Dioxide gas from the environment. It powers itself utilizing only onboard hybrid, regenerative braking energy generated from already running Trains in regular service and Railcar mounted solar cells.

“Rail-Based, Self-Powered Direct Air Carbon Capture”

“CO2Rail is poised to revolutionize carbon capture…”

Advanced Science News – November, 2021 Link

“I believe CO2Rail is one of the few approaches to CDR that has a chance of succeeding as it looks at a system rather than an individual operation.”

Peter Styring – Professor of Chemical Engineering & Chemistry at The University of Sheffield

One of 2021’s most exciting and impactful developments in science

Advanced Science News – January 2022 Link

The big question is, which of the carbon capture technologies can deliver on their promises?  Without partiality, we have placed our bets on a freshly minted start-up known as CO2Rail.

Geoffrey Ozin – Government of Canada Research Chair in Solar Fuels, Distinguished University Professor, University of Toronto, Albert Einstein Award Recipient

CO2Rail is a bold, visionary concept for distributed CDR with significant potential.

Roland Dittmeyer – Professor, Department of Chemical and Process Engineering, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany

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“On Track to Climate Change-BACK”

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Just curious if there are any investment opportunities for Seed investors? I love this idea and concept and fully believe in it. thanks

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