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CO2Rail Car with zero-carbon, regenerative braking powered Direct Air Carbon Capture and air intakes that extend up into the slipstream of the moving train. Certain configurations with multiple intakes can remove up to 25 Tonnes of CO2 per day for geological sequestration and have no fixed, land footprint. Each train stop or significant deceleration produces enough energy from regenerative braking to remove between 1 – 2 Tonnes of CO2.

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Time is running out for a large-scale solution…

“On Track to Climate Change-BACK”

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“CO2Rail is poised to revolutionize carbon capture…”

Advanced Science News – November, 2021 Link

“I believe CO2Rail is one of the few approaches to CDR that has a chance of succeeding as it looks at a system rather than an individual operation.”

Peter Styring – Professor of Chemical Engineering & Chemistry at The University of Sheffield

  • Hybrid, Regenerative Braking Powered
  • CO2 Heavy Air IN -> CO2-Free Air OUT
  • CO2Rail Car Locomotive Emissions Mitigation ("LEM")
  • CO2Rail Car Locomotive Exhaust Transfer
  • Carbon Neutral Rail Transportation
  • Multiple CO2Rail Cars in Train
  • Rail-Based, Self-Powered Direct Air Carbon Capture
  • CO2Rail Car Production
  • CO2Rail Global CO2 Harvest Projection
  • CO2Rail Cumulative CO2 Harvest Projection
  • Atmospheric CO2 Concentration (PPM) with Decarbonization and CO2Rail

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Rail-Based, Self-Powered Direct Air Carbon Capture

Co2Rail Logo

“Rail-Based, Self-Powered Direct Air Carbon Capture”

The Co2Rail System deploys proven technology for the Direct Air Capture of man-made Carbon Dioxide gas from the environment. It powers itself utilizing only no-carbon, onboard hybrid, regenerative braking energy generated from already running Trains in regular service and Railcar mounted solar cells.

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On Track to Climate Change-BACK


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